Our Innovative Programme

Our programs are designed through communication between the room leaders and the language teacher to ensure that it is specifically tailored around each child, the rooms program and its learning experiences.

True Maple Bilingual early learning centre believes strongly in this program, however we do understand with change can come concerns.

We therefore encourage parents to do their own research, like consulting a G.P or child health care nurse to discuss the benefits of introducing a second language to a child.

Jasmine the centre Director/Owner is always available to discuss the programme at any stage prior to permitting the introduction of a second language program to your child.

Should you feel uncomfortable introducing Mandarin to your child, your child’s room leader will be happy to organise alternative activities for your child to participate in.

Some independent information for your perusal

Myths about raising a child with more than one spoken language abound.

Sometimes parents are discouraged from doing so.

A second language leading to confusion and speech delays is a common myth or that parents miss the window of opportunity whatever the age can be disheartening.

The below statistics and diagram show a positive and the real story behind raising a child to be bilingual.