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Organic food benefit

Organic food – fruits, vegetables and grains – are far superior in vitamin, mineral and nutrient content, whilst, at the same time, are much lower or missing the harmful herbicide, fungicide, pesticide and artificial fertilizer chemicals that are present in non-organic produce. They are especially higher in antioxidants, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, and lower in nitrates, and pesticide residues. Studies have shown that organically grown produce has less significantly lower levels of mercury than that grown by chemical farming methods.

Organic food production is free of antibiotics, anti-microbials, hormones and other growth promotants. Similarly, the processing of organic food must be free from the use of synthetic chemicals as preservatives, colourings, antioxidants etc.
According to http://www.brisbaneorganicmarket.com/benefits.html

“Organic farming is not simply the substitution of approved input materials. It is the replacement of a treatment approach with a process approach to create a balanced system of plant and animal interactions.”
—Rodale Institute

At True Maple Bilingual ELC, we would like to encourage children to choose healthier dietary alternative, and to establish understanding of ways to look after our environment by choosing to use “green” products. We understand the importance of healthy eating habit need to be developed from young age. So we try hard to provide healthy and delicious food, children often like to try “new food” better if their peers are also eating, please see our 4 weeks rotate menu for our delicious meals.

WEEK 1 Morning Tea (9.00am) Lunch (11.30am) Dessert Afternoon Tea (3.00pm)
Monday Toast Ham & Cheese Pizza Yoghurt Honey Joy
Tuesday Toast Noodles & Vegetables Fresh Fruit sultanas,cucumber,carrot, dip,&fresh milk
Wednesday Fresh Fruit Meatballs & Mash Apples Pita bread with vegemite & cheese
Thursday Toast Pumpkin & chicken risotto Fresh Fruit ham/chicken slices cheese & biscuits
Organic Friday Fresh Fruit cabonara organic pasta & vegetables Organic Yoghurt Mixed sandwiches

WEEK 2 Morning Tea (9.00am) Lunch (11.30am) Dessert Afternoon Tea (3.00pm)
Monday Toast Mixed sandwiches Yoghurt Apple and Oat crumble
Tuesday Toast Creamy tuna bake Fresh Fruit Pancakes
Wednesday Fresh Fruit Sheppard’s Pie Apples Homemade Scones & jam
Thursday Toast Minestrone soup & bread Fresh Fruit Muesli bars / sultanas & clix
Organic Friday Fresh Fruit Beef casserole & rice Organic Yoghurt Organic Rice cakes with spreads

WEEK 3 Morning Tea (9.00am) Lunch (11.30am) Dessert Afternoon Tea (3.00pm)
Monday Toast Chicken stir fries with vegetable on rice Yoghurt pancakes
Tuesday Toast Bake tuna & Spinach patties with fresh steam vegetable Fresh Fruit Cheese/ kabana/ biscuits
Wednesday Fresh Fruit Fish fingers broccoli & cauliflower Apples sandwiches
Thursday Toast Roast Chicken & mashed vegies Fresh Fruit Fresh vegetable sticks with dip
Organic Friday Fresh Fruit Beef mince taco’s with sour cream organic corn chips Organic Yoghurt Fresh fruit/ organic rice cake

WEEK 4 Morning Tea (9.00am) Lunch (11.30am) Dessert Afternoon Tea (3.00pm)
Monday Toast Sweet corn chicken with angel hair soup & bread Yoghurt Yoghurt &bananas
Tuesday Toast Butter chicken & rice Fresh Fruit Nibble platter (cheese cubes, dried fruit and fresh vegetable sticks)
Wednesday Fresh Fruit Cheese / ham & spinach frittata Apples Cruz kits with spread
Thursday Toast Spaghetti Bolognaise Fresh Fruit Homemade apricot and sultana biscuit
Organic Friday Fresh Fruit Stir fry noddle (not instant noddle) with fresh vegetable and chicken Organic Yoghurt Mixed fresh fruit &organic rice cake